Photo of Nicole WeinstockAfter growing up in the small boroughs of Maryland and Massachusetts, I made my way westward in search of culture and diversity. I was fortunate enough to study at Occidental College, a small liberal arts institution in Los Angeles, where I enjoyed an eclectic education in Film Studies, Spanish, and Latin American Studies.

After college,  I began coordinating creative programs in the arts, wellness and technology for a portfolio of 45+ apartment communities . My work exposed me to a wide pool of talented program clientele, ranging from a copious seven-year old photographer in-the-making to a limber seventy-year old dancer with a penchant for Britney Spears-style hip hop.

Concurrent with my nine-to-five, I supported a boutique photography company through photography, web management, and copy writing services. In my free time, I took classes in subjects like nonfiction writing, letterpress and marketing. In that simultaneous dance of full-time, freelance, and evening ed I finally realized my passion for people and their stories. I began to leverage my skills in writing, photography and film to frame my company’s impact through the crafted presentation of the communities that we served. My camera and I also struck out on our own to hone in on storytelling during the evenings and weekends.

A few years later, I made the difficult decision to move on for a much-anticipated traveling sabbatical and relocation. I now live and work in Portland, writing, photographing and synthesizing words and images to help us eat together, celebrate together and stay informed together. I’m the proverbial one-stop shop for content of the storied nature, be it your engagement, your nonprofit’s gala, your company’s publication or your new website. For more details and examples, you can visit my blog or check out my LinkedIn profile. There’s also a handy dandy contact page where you can drop me a line with questions and ideas.

When I’m not wordsmithing away at a coffee shop, or otherwise engaged in interviews or photography for a new project, I’m often found eating, reading young adult fiction, eating s’more, listening to the Splendid Table, watching movies with homemade popcorn, or drooling over guilty pitbull videos on YouTube.