phoŸ⋅tog⋅Ÿra⋅Ÿphy (n): the art or practice of taking and processing photographs

Ironically, I was that kid who almost never bothered to take photos. When I became more heavily involved in nonprofit work however, I realized just how influential visual documentation can be. Well-executed photography in the nonprofit or for profit realm isn’t just about securing repeat donors or investors. It’s about maintaining the much larger circle of present and future supporters who are interested in your story: your online community, your partner agencies and the very people who your product(s) or service(s) serve. The fifteen seconds it takes someone to review your most recent Facebook album may seem trivial, but I can guarantee that those fifteen seconds can live on in perpetuity if you invest in quality photography from the get-go.

The subjects and contexts of my company photography experience encompass the following:

  • Staff profile images (paid & volunteer)
  • After school programs
  • Other educational programs (art, health/wellness, ESL & computers)
  • Seasonal family events (ie: pumpkin carvings)
  • Team-building retreats
  • Art exhibitions