Published in the 2017 March-April issue of Cryonics magazine, this article profiles seasoned designer, versatile maker, extreme mountain biker and unabashed dreamer, Steve Graber, as he fuses form and function to elevate cryonics.

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Gary & Maria Entraigues Abramson

Published in the 2017 Jan-Feb issue of Cryonics magazine, this member profile delves into the lives of two lovebirds who met through their shared interests in cryonics, science fiction, aviation, and travel.

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From her bold decision to work abroad after high school amidst a flock of college-bound classmates, through her 4 years managing a $4.7 million Urban Outfitters in Portland, OR, Ali has been chasing – and indeed, riding – waves of challenge and change with unfettered fervor.

After a year working in France, she eventually returned to the states to obtain her Bachelors of Science in Apparel Merchandising and Minor in Business from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. She put her studies to practice at the local Urban Outfitters, advancing from Sales Associate to Store Manager in just 15 months. As a Community Store Manager, Ali spearheaded all visual and operational responsibilities. In addition to coaching four managers who were later promoted, she gained recognition by the Urban brand through her coordination of a first-ever tie-dye event, one that the company later adopted and implemented at stores nationwide.

Following this breakout success, Ali adventured forth once again, this time to be the Store Manager of the $4.7 million Urban Outfitters store in Portland, OR. In addition to her events management experience – which led to the Portland location’s continued partnership with Stay Wild zine among others – Ali brought her uncompromising commitment to sustainable operations and team development. By honing and overhauling various store systems, from shipping to sales to everything in between, she achieved positive comps within just 3 months of hire.

Ali is excited to work at the cutting edge of all retail as the Manager of Landrace. As with her previous positions, she intends to continue her small business ownership mentality, immersing herself in all aspects of operation, while exercising her vast knowledge of large-scale events execution, policies and procedures development, and team training. She looks forward to applying her ever-adaptable, ever-resilient presence to the transformation of cannabis culture and perception through the small-batch craft culture of Portland’s Landrace.



My life’s inspiration has long been the desire to create tangible and meaningful change in this world. Since my first business at the tender age of eight – a mobile candy store for sweets-deprived classmates – to my most recent venture in repurposed shipping containers, I have always possessed a distinct sense of vision. Not only am I drawn to neglected niche markets, but I am also singularly thrilled by the challenge of crafting original solutions to better serve them.

Innovators are often characterized by their momentum “against the grain.” But true innovation, in my 12+ years of entrepreneurialism, is the ability to entirely redefine the texture and landscape of ideas. It’s not about going with or against the grain; it’s about leaving the grain entirely. This guiding philosophy forms the heel in my step and the foundation of my work.

From restaurants to high-end aviation services, to financial consulting and sustainable spaces for work and play, my creative trajectory is defined by the generation of impactful start-ups that question and defy traditional practices and markets. I am genuinely excited to continue on this path in one of the most sustainable and innovative cities in the U.S: Portland.

Apart from creating, launching and supporting start-ups, I am a committed dad and avid adventurer. My twelve-year old daughter and I are often found in the great outdoors, whether we are mountain biking, snowboarding, camping or learning to pilot my dream aircraft, the SR22.



Tamara is an internationally renowned Vancouver-born photographer based in Los Angeles. An adventurer at heart, she has traveled extensively to photograph remote communities and classical architecture around the world. When closer to home, her subjects have been equally varied, spanning from families and working professionals, to sports icons, dignitaries and celebrities.

Her extensive and diverse portfolio is unified by a simple yet enduring devotion to people, their achievements, relationships and humanity. This quality has not only earned her numerous exhibitions in galleries, restaurants and businesses, but a momentous commission by the City of Vancouver and InTransit BC. The resulting series, The Tunnel Series, captured the rapid evolution of their underground transit system. It was on display for 2.5 years in the main station in downtown Vancouver. For more information on the project and/or to purchase these images in a variety of mediums, please visit The Tunnel Series.

In 2010, Tamara relocated to Los Angeles for fresh inspiration. Though she continues her work in Canada and beyond, Tamara spends many of her waking hours capturing the faces, facades and features of her new urban landscape. When she is not on assignment, she indulges in a slice of the next best gluten-free dairy-free pizza, her hubby and four-legged daughter close behind.

Tamara prides herself in customizing her services to each individual client. Whether your needs require a simple studio backdrop or a rowboat on the Amazon, she will make your shoot a memorable and successful experience. She welcomes your ideas and inquiries via the Contact page above and looks forward to working with you!