The below is for Tobin Dane’s subsidiary, Edison Box. Edison Box provides custom space solutions from recycled shipping containers that are carefully designed with recommendations from today’s top innovators and thinkers.


The dimensions in which we exist and move. The distance between two points. A period of time. An (in)finite element that shapes each one of our lives.

Space influences our days and nights, our work and play, our movement and our stillness. From space, our hopes and dreams, aspirations and genius are seeded and determined.

But like any garment fit to flatter, space is the individual’s domain. That which inspires one mind may dull another. That which fulfills one mission may fail in another.

We’ve come to revere the force of space, to acknowledge its place in the creative process. That’s why we’ve dedicated years of exploration and (de)construction to the design of custom space solutions, physical structures of your essence manifest, that ignite innovation and empower your reach like never before.


tunnel series presale promo

The below was incorporated into a limited time promotional campaign of the Tunnel Series, completed by Tamara Leigh Photography.

After two years, the Tunnel Series display is leaving Downtown Vancouver’s Waterfront Station this fall. In anticipation of this momentous conclusion, Tamara Leigh Photography announces the exclusive presale of the Tunnel Series! Now through October 20th, you and a limited number of TLP supporters have the special opportunity to purchase any and all of the seven original photographs comprising this historical installation. Signed by artist Tamara herself, each image evokes the vibrant community of post-Canada Line Vancouver through the stark and isolated rendering of its tunnels. Take home an integral piece of Canadian history during this once-in-a-lifetime promotion. Contact Tamara Leigh Photography at 310.773.6726 or for details and pricing today.