Starry eyes studying the skies

Portrait of Jean-Rene leaning forward with his head cocked towards the camera in front of a brick wallTwo side-by-side vertical portraits with Jean-Rene leaning against a fence and a brick wall, arms crossed on left and a closer crop on his face on right

This handsome chap and I met through a mutual friend over the summer of 2011. Born in Montreal, Jean-Rene eventually made his way to the states in pursuit of astronomy. After completing his PhD at the University of Chicago, he left the windy city for a highly coveted post-doctoral fellowship at CalTech in Pasadena.

While his resume speaks to his intelligence, I wanted to use this portrait session as an opportunity to highlight those less suspecting qualities of a math and science whiz: his integrity, his independence and most importantly, his gentle and kind nature. Though we spent some time indoors with a studio backdrop, my favorite images and his most genuine expressions came from our outdoor adventures in the local neighborhood. In retrospect, I would have swapped out his patterned button-down for a solid color to bring even more attention to his face.

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