Each life story project is unique to itself, though the process for every project is quite similar. The overview below outlines the major steps involved in bringing any life story to fruition:


1. Phone consultation

Different people have different needs, which is why a brief phone call is helpful to get to know each other, and to clarify our exchange. This conversation is an opportunity to for me to find out some vital pieces of information, such as…

  • What kind of life story are you hoping to tell? Why?
  • Who(m) are we interviewing? Will it require any special accommodations or travel?
  • Do any life circumstances necessitate a specific timeline for this piece?
  • How do you envision this life story in its final form?
  • Does your story have any photography needs above and beyond existing imagery?

The consultation is free and 15-20 minutes in length. I will follow up with a quote detailing the parameters of your project, and we can begin our work together upon receipt of 50% of the total project cost.


2. Questionnaire

Before a formal interview, I send any interviewee a questionnaire covering some basic information surrounding the life story at hand. This provides me with valuable background details to inform our upcoming interview and make the most of our time together.


3. Interview

The most exciting part! Depending on our agreement, I will arrange for one or more hours of interviewing on the phone or in person, in one sitting or multiple. The interviewee will be recorded and I may also type notes during our conversation as well.


4. Draft review

After I complete a first draft of your project, I will send it to you for your review. This is a valuable opportunity for us to ensure accuracy of dates, names, order of events, etc. It’s also a time where you can decide to exclude something from narration, or add it if desired. In the case of memoirs and other more lengthy projects, you can expect more than one draft review.


5. Photo shoot (Optional)

If we decided to use my photography services to assist in narrating your life story—perhaps you need a cover photo of the story’s main subject or images to help convey certain references—we will take care of this now. This way, we can compile finalists from these photo shoots along with pre-existing photos for integration into your story at the same time.


6. Revisions & image incorporation

Assuming you have agreed to incorporate imagery into your life story project, I will begin to solicit digital files with accompanying descriptions at this time. Once I complete any revisions from the draft review stage of the process, I will have all the necessary pieces to visually narrate your story.


7. Final review

Once your life story is assembled into the agreed upon format—a book, a PDF file, a presentation—you will have one final opportunity to review it for any small edits, as overarching questions of content will have already been resolved in the previous draft review.


8. Up, up, and away!

I will make any final tweaks to your project. Upon receipt of your remaining installment, I will convey it to you directly and/or send to print for delivery thereafter.