A writer, photographer, and dedicated listener, I craft nonfiction life stories powered by words and photographs. I combine thoughtful interviewing, skilled writing, and custom photography, along with images from you and your loved ones, to bring your story to life in the print or digital medium of your choosing.

My services are designed to fulfill the biographically-inspired needs and motivations of a wide variety of people and companies. I am just as committed to capturing stories that encompass whole lifetimes, a web of relationships or the fruition of family, as I am those that focus on singular events or milestones, one special connection, or a professional trajectory. You can be somewhere in the middle or have bits and pieces of everything.

I find that most life storytelling breaks down into three major categories. You can click on each link to learn more:

Not sure where your story fits? No problem. Contact me with a brief summary of your ideas and we’ll go from there.


In the digital age, pieces of you are spread throughout the Internet, and if we’re lucky, in owned albums, love letters or notes tucked away in our homes. While, on the one hand, our identities have become more fragmented, we’ve also become much more interested in recovering our histories and predispositions through DNA tests with the likes of Ancestry DNA, My Heritage DNA, or 23 and Me.

A biography is distinct from and complementary to both modern trends because it provides a rare opportunity to define a person as completely and thoroughly as desired with physical, verbal and emotional detail that simply cannot be inferred from nucleotides. DNA can last for millions of years, but what is the shelf life on the memory of that first kiss, that nerve-laden moment in the delivery room, that profound and life-changing conversation?  It happens fairly often that a friend or family member passes, and someone utters a variation on, “I wish that person was here to tell that great story about _____.”

Beyond the informational and emotional value in leaving behind your most treasured thoughts and experiences, biographies are also influential motivational resources for others who might find themselves in your shoes. Perhaps your failures, successes, and decision-making processes may inspire others who find themselves in similar circumstances or trajectories.

Special Moments

Triptych of a Retirement Party

Special Moments stories focus on meaningful moments, events or periods of time punctuating your lifetime. These stories can capture your chosen experience in great detail, often appealing to the senses in a way that stories with a broader scope may not. Special moments that are commonly “storied” include the following:

For Couples:

  • How we met
  • The story of us
  • Honeymoon & anniversary celebrations
  • Special vacations

For Adolescents:

  • Quinceanera
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
  • Graduations

For Parents & Children:

  • Our favorite childhood memories of you
  • Our favorite parenting memories with you
  • Our first pregnancy

For Individuals:

  • My spiritual awakening
  • My retirement
  • A story of friendship

Do you have an idea that’s not mentioned above that you think might make a great Special Moments story? Just drop me a line with some more information and we’ll go from there.


Triptych of Celebration of Life Event

When a loved one passes, it can be hard to find the words to fully communicate their meaning and impact. It’s not uncommon for surviving friends and family to struggle with this, especially while juggling the many other important tasks that coincide with one’s passing.

Tribute Stories are designed to unburden families and friends during this challenging time by transforming their memories of this person into a celebratory story of life. A Tribute Story can take the more traditional form of an obituary, it can be a speech delivered during a service, or it can be a multimedia presentation—something that uses sound, words, and images.