Marriage to mitzvah with a little help from Wix

Last fall a lovely family from the Los Angeles area approached me to design a website for their son’s bar mitzvah over the 2016 Presidents’ Day Weekend. They were so darn friendly and excited to save on paper, I quite happily agreed. To add cherries to sundaes, my good friend and mentor, Tamara, of Tamara Leigh Photography was in charge of head shots for their dapper tween, so there was no question that I’d have a selection of stunning photography to consider in my design efforts.

The client and I wanted an economy website with short-term and ad-free potential, that was youthfully playful yet clean. After reviewing some custom and template avenues, we ended up choosing this Wix wedding site template. “Wedding?” you ask? Yep!

The original template was for the much-anticipated nuptials of Zoe & Amelia in 2023 (they were clearly planning ahead):

Original Wix template homepage

But with a few changes in color and content, I came out with something a little different for Saben (the star of this website and the weekend festivities).

Saben's homepageI kept the homepage (above) fairly simple and pattern-free, especially considering our choice of photo, which already boasts some geometric wall design.


Drawing inspiration from the app culture of today, I decided to make most of the site buttons a simple monochromatic circle with a self-explanatory icon centered within. Each of the icons linked to the appropriate subpage of each menu button. Like many big occasions, this one had to accommodate some local and out of town guests, some very close family members and some friends, so I made a couple of dropdowns to indicate the events available to each.


Friday night “shabbat” dinner was an event for everyone, and so merited a handy dandy interactive map.


I added a “Plan Your Visit” dropdown with some helpful subpages to direct those guests who might be less familiar with Los Angeles, our traffic patterns and weather. Speaking of weather…


I couldn’t resist this one. It’s odd, but so many of my own out of town guests during my years in LA never thought to bring more than flip flops and shorts. But like any desert, temperatures can actually drop quite a bit at night despite the warm days.

Transportation page screenshot

And of course, I would be remiss if I did not include some tips for the most important consideration of an LA visit: transportation. The rise of Uber made for a fourth option and a delightfully distinct icon for inclusion on this page.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the user-friendliness and customization options of the Wix template process. My previous sites were built in WordPress and Blu Domain, so this was an exciting opportunity to expand my horizons in site template platforms.