I write unique and compelling copy for a wide variety of audiences, working side by side with clients to establish a tone and style that resonates with their brand. I also provide copyediting services for those clients with more technical writing, or who may not be ready to overhaul their existing copy quite yet. My past clients represent the startup, green building, photography, technology, and nonprofit industries.

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Multnomah Farms Website Content

Through another collaboration with startup pioneer, Tobin Dane, I was treated to an opportunity to write content for a fresh venture bringing the finest wild foraged and cultivated mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest to families and restaurants across the country: Multnomah Farms. I started by sitting down with Tobin and his partner to see how Multnomah Farms came to be…

The spirit of Multnomah Farms is paradoxically both quite old and rather new. It was the summer of 2014 when Sarah took Multnomah farm’s founder, Tobin Dane,  to northern Italy and Brunnenburg in South Tyrol. Sarah lived at the castle a decade ago as it is home to the Ezra Pound Centre for Literature and a robust farm-to-table community model. Brunnenburg has long attracted a steady stream of scholars and inquisitive minds impassioned by poetry and sustainable agriculture. Sarah and Tobin sat down to Sunday tea with Mary de Rachewiltz (Ezra Pound’s daughter), and Mary poised an important question: what happened to the spirit of America, the spirit of ‘76?

For Tobin, it was the perfect culmination of his Portland years, which he had spent exploring the Pacific Northwest James Beard Award Winners, and the food as medicine movement. At Brunnenburg surrounded by artists, scholars, thinkers, and farmers, collectively nourished by local and organic  food, exchanging ideas across the table, he was struck with an overwhelming sense of place. It was there that Tobin resolved to recreate that same feeling through a space of his own making, and embody the spirit of ‘76.

On July 4th, two years later, , an uncultivated piece of land on the southwestern side of idyllic Sauvie Island appeared in Tobin’s inbox. As he walked the land he recalled memories of Brunnenburg and visions of what we now know as Multnomah Farms. Tobin purchased the property and began developing the farm and its vital support system within the year.

I also interviewed a dozen different foragers and cultivators poised to partner with Multnomah Farms to create compelling online profiles bringing new character to the sourcing of these mushrooms. Here is one of my favorites below…

“It’s my church. It’s peace,” says Paul Cleary, husband, father, and forager of a decade. “When I go mushroom picking, I want to be in the woods at first light when you can’t quite see yet…When I start hallucinating mushrooms is when I start going home. I can’t say enough how much I love to do it.”

Paul was first introduced to foraging in Syracuse, New York, during a college field mycology course. “I didn’t avail myself to the brilliant world-renowned professor that I had,” he laughs, “but I started picking for class.” Following graduation, he moved to Wyoming, where a fire the year prior had created the perfect conditions for morels in the spring. Paul harvested 100 pounds that first season, and was hooked.

He later moved to Rhode Island, where he spent evenings working in a restaurant, and mornings out foraging with his dog, Lucky. Through his growing network, he eventually sold his mushrooms to a handful of fine dining restaurants in Providence. After moving to Portland in 2013, he worked in the restaurant and wine industry, developing some new outlets for picking, but has spent the last couple years focusing on his construction business and life as a dad to his daughter, Quinn. Teaching her how to forage and be self-sufficient is a huge priority for Paul in the “fast-serve society” we live in.

With the help of Multnomah Farms, Paul is excited to increase his volume of wild foraged mushrooms and share his knowledge with newbie foragers. “I think it’s so cool that it takes one of the more difficult aspects of being a forager out of our hands…It’s like saying, ‘Here, spend more time doing what you love, and less time doing what you consider the work part.’” We’re so excited to work with Paul and his foraging apprentice Quinn, and can’t wait to eat her favorite mushroom dish by dad: venison mushroom sauté.

High Bridge Consulting Website Content

I teamed up with Ranjit Bawa and his team at High Bridge Consulting to launch some fresh content for their website, and copyedit the rest. I’m particularly proud of the Careers page copy that I wrote:

Are you passionate about technology? Do you believe in no finish lines? Are people and process the heel in your stride? High Bridge Consulting may be the next journey for you.

Here at High Bridge, our island is technology, but our village is human. We value a culture of authenticity, integrity, and creativity. We work smart, not hard, we look forward, not backward, and we love coming to work on Monday.

If you aren’t afraid of heights, join us on our bridge.

Send your profiles to careers@highbridgeusa.com

To view High Bridge Consulting’s full website, please visit www.highbridgeusa.com.


Edison Box Pitch

The below is for Tobin Dane’s subsidiary, Edison Box. Edison Box provides custom space solutions from recycled shipping containers that are carefully designed with recommendations from today’s top innovators and thinkers.


The dimensions in which we exist and move. The distance between two points. A period of time. An (in)finite element that shapes each one of our lives.

Space influences our days and nights, our work and play, our movement and our stillness. From space, our hopes and dreams, aspirations and genius are seeded and determined.

But like any garment fit to flatter, space is the individual’s domain. That which inspires one mind may dull another. That which fulfills one mission may fail in another.

We’ve come to revere the force of space, to acknowledge its place in the creative process. That’s why we’ve dedicated years of exploration and (de)construction to the design of custom space solutions, physical structures of your essence manifest, that ignite innovation and empower your reach like never before.


Custom Photo Book for HCA Funders

Housing Corporation of America (HCA) provides hands-on art programs for youth, adults, and seniors in the Antelope Valley in California. Their standard practice is to provide all keys funders—in this case, InSite Development and Ironwood Management—with a high-end custom book narrating the program from start to finish. I was responsible for all of the associated photography and assemblage of these books, including a brief introduction to each program. This is a sample introduction page from Sculpt 2013:

Introduction to a photo book


Tunnel Series Presale Promo

I wrote the copy for a promotional campaign advertising the Tunnel Series, completed by Tamara Leigh Photography. This was a historic series of mages commemorating the introduction of the Canada Line in Vancouver, which was built to accommodate the increase in traffic anticipated from the 2010  Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Tunnel Presale Email