Redesigning space with Tobin Dane and Edison Box

I recently wrapped up freelance work with one of my favorite clients, Tobin Dane. A small but mighty operation in a trendy office space sporting colorful murals and industrial chic shelving by Portland-based artists, Tobin Dane creates start-up companies in a wide variety of industries. Since moving to Portland, owner and founder Tobin Goodgame has focused business on concepts that concern many city natives, space being one of them.

According to Metro News and the U.S. Census Bureau, our fair city was the 15th fastest growing large metropolitan area in the country from 2013-2014. We are also a hub for entrepreneurs and startup companies. This then begs the question: when space is at a premium, where do we live and work?

In answer to this anxiety-inducing question, Tobin Dane created Edison Box: a startup that creates custom live-work-play spaces for the sustainably-minded urbanite. These space are made from upcycled shipping containers that are insulated, wired, and delightfully plug-and-play upon arrival. They come in different sizes to meet your various needs.

It was clear from the get-go, that we were going to need a full-service design agency to properly brand and deliver the message of Edison Box. To that end, I whipped something up to pitch the idea to the likes of Cinco, Sincerely Truman and other talented folks like that.

Here’s what hit the keys:


The dimensions in which we exist and move. The distance between two points. A period of time. An (in)finite element that shapes each one of our lives.

Space influences our days and nights, our work and play, our movement and our stillness. From space, our hopes and dreams, aspirations and genius are seeded and determined.

But like any garment fit to flatter, space is the individual’s domain. That which inspires one mind may dull another. That which fulfills one mission may fail in another.

We’ve come to revere the force of space, to acknowledge its place in the creative process. That’s why we’ve dedicated years of exploration and (de)construction to the design of custom space solutions, physical structures of your essence manifest, that ignite innovation and empower your reach like never before.