Another kind of plus one: the Heimlich Family

Mom, Dad and their dog Lucy cuddle around baby Jonah on their bed

This sweet pile of love is the Heimlich Family. Mama and Papa  – Corey and Tamara to me – are dear friends and mentors. Their steadfast support has been so instrumental in my development as a writer and photographer, I was honored they asked me to photograph their first family portrait session with baby, Jonah. (Clearly, Jonah is their second child, as the hairier lass on the right so nosily – and endearingly – implies)

Baby Jonah rests cradled in his mother's arms

This is one of my favorite shots of Jonah above. His eyes have the color of his dad and the kind inquiry of his mum.

Mom, Dad and their dog Lucy cuddle around baby Jonah on the bed

Shooting newborns can be tricky business! But this little stud kept me on my toes. As a preemie, his esophagus wasn’t quite done cookin’, so milk was a’ flyin’ between clicks. That’s why he’s on a towel. And maybe that’s why Corey’s whispering “Aaaaargh” into his ear!

Mom cradles Jonah against a black backdrop and smiles, with head cocked, at the camera

Jonah is looking away in this one (LUNCH!), but Tamara is a vision with her flowing hair, off-the-shoulder blouse and all-out grace as she welcomes her baby into the world.

Black and white portrait of Baby Jonah taking a bath

There’s something so special about babies and bath time. I shot this one in black and white to really emphasize the gentle purity and inherently ephemeral nature of newborns. They grow up so darn fast…

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